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  Welcome to the Carnival homepage!  

Carnival is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Festival, the wide-spread and popular speech synthesis system.
Carnival is written in C++ with the wxWidgets framework and therefore supports several OS including Windows, Unix/Linux and MacOS.
Please visit the Carnival project page (on for additional information (downloads, forums, documentation, screenshots, etc.).

To be able to work with Carnival, you need either an installed version of Festival or a remote access (via network) to a Festival server.

You can get detailed information about the Festival project (and download it free) from the Festival project homepage (University of Edinburgh).

Some Features of Carnival:

  • Control Festival with a nice GUI and few clicks locally or remote (via network / Festival server)
  • Use Festival without being a speech synthesis (or Festival) expert
  • Markup language support included (Sable and SSML)
  • Supports multiple OS as stated above
  • Detailed status and error message handling via log window
  • Waveplay support (through external application) included
Download Carnival here (

Mailing lists

Follow this link to subscribe to the carnival-news mailing list. You will be notified of any news and new releases concerning Carnival.


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